Missing Black Panther and Storm Page.

Many years ago I had bought a bunch of pages by Lan Medina from his work on the six part Storm “Prelude to the Wedding of the Century ” series. Some great action pages with Storm and Black Panther. I had sold them years ago but I sill had one in my protfolio. I just recently got the physical comic book for #6 in my hands and as I flipped through it I saw a bunch of the finished pieces to the pages I had sold over the years. However, the one page I have left, I could not find in the book. It is marked as Issue 6 page 7. But that is not the page. It really looks like it is from the story line that is happening in the pages before and after page 6 and 7( it has the same characters), it must have been cut from the final edition for some reason. I wonder if it is maybe in a graphic novel version or just wound up on the cutting room floor.  Black Panther High up in the tree, while Storm tries to figure out how to control her lightning power.


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